The ones that are not looting your money in the name of lifetime MS Office subscription or annual subscription of pre-installed anti-virus software – factory fitted Windows Defender does a decent job in removing most of the malware, and the ones that are not making you spend unnecessarily on gimmicky features like 4K display or fingerprint/face unlock. Such features find their best use in mobile phones and are not essential in a laptop for most users.

Now, having purchased a laptop for myself to cater to my work requirements, just a few hours ago after extensive research over a period of eight days, I would state that when it comes to buying a laptop, one of the most crucial factors that heavily influences the decision of purchase is the the CPU installed in it –

The Processor (CPU)
The Processor of the laptop is its brain. Obviously, the better the CPU the more number of instructions it can handle at any given instant of time. Therefore, more potent the CPU, more performance one can derive out of it. However, this does not mean that everyone should buy an Intel i7 processor laptop. As a matter of fact, most people do not need a laptop with a CPU powerful than Intel i5. Intel i5 serves the sweet spot between powerful performance and decent battery life. The i7 processor is mostly suited to the needs of a 4K video editor or an intensive gamer.

AMD Ryzen CPUs are another popular series of CPUs in the market and provide potent performance at a relatively lesser price, thereby offering great value for one’s money. They are particularly great in the sphere of gaming, video editing and multitasking. The AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 CPUs are comparable to the i5 and i7 counterparts offered by Intel, respectively.

In addition to the aspect of the CPU, factors such as the frequency of the RAM, some essential specifications a laptop should possess so as to perform reliably and knowledge about the type of storage one should purchase the laptop with as per one’s use too play crucial roles in determining the product one should decide on. I gained in-depth knowledge about them from the post –

So, today, i.e., 30th January, 2021, at 7:02 PM, I placed the order for my laptop, keeping the knowledge gained into perspective.

Here is the one that I purchased 👇 after reading this review

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